Back To School for the Teenager

It’s finally time to start preparing our teens for back to school.  It’s much different than getting the elementary and even middle schoolers ready but it is just as important to give them all the necessary tools to have a successful school year.


Don’t expect a list you take to your local big box store and select a few crayons, markers and Kleenex.  In fact, don’t expect a list at all.  However, there is no need to despair, there are some things every student will need whether they know it or not.  Get them off to a great start by purchasing the following:


Mechanical Pencils (I can’t remember the last time I saw a pencil sharpener in a class)


Graphing Paper

Loose Leaf Paper

Computer Paper

A Few Spiral Notebooks in varying subject size (single, three subject, & 5 subject)

Index Cards

Blue and Black Ink Pens

Locker Organizer


I purposely saved the Locker Organizer for last. Most teens are going to refuse the need for a locker organizer but they will appreciate it almost immediately.  Most of the items are magnetic and attach directly to the lockers.  A mirror to take a quick peak at their “look of the day” will pay off sooner than they think.  There are also shelves to help utilize some of the wasted space in lockers.  I find that taking the organizer on registration day and getting it set up before school starts is the best way to avoid the likely locker organizer debate.


Of course there are going to be some items that your teens’ teachers will require (graphing calculators, compasses, protractors, etc.) but those can be purchased as/if needed. 


Finally, make sure to treat yourself to a Back to School cocktail in celebration for surviving another summer! And treat your teen to a back to school gift from Allowance Box. Allowance Box is a monthly subscription service dedicated to teens.